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pueraria reality breast cream 50ml

A.C.Story develop high quality natural cosmetics for acne and sensitive skin type person.
we made an another new cosmetic product for seneitive skin type person to keep their body beautiful.
meet with encouraging results after using A.C.Story.

Do you have rugged and droopy breasts, hip and thigh skin?
let's take shining and elastic body line.

Elastic skin, Sensitive skin, Keen skin, Skin moisture, well moisturized skin, Without sticky feeling, Rose fragrance.

Pueraria-pomegranate extract-soluvone

Special set : pueraria reality breat cream 50ml+miniature BB cream

Main feature
beautiful and elastic skin
: pueraria marapica 35%, the best rate for the best effect. it enhances skin elasticity

skin elastic and moisture
: pomegranate extract helps skin elastic and moisture.
a variety of materials such as sugars, amino acide, mineral, vitamin keep skin glossy and elasticity.

: one of soybean protein, isoflavone is included
: the cream care your body intensively.
: the cream care your droopy skin to smooth
: it works very good after weight reduction

main ingredients

: the optimal proportion 35% is included. fast absorption without stickiness.

: it's good for women. including amino acid, mineral, fruit acid, vitamin, tanin

: it's upgraded material of isoflavone, one of soybean protein.

A.C.Story recommend to you
who are worried about droopy skin or obesity because of giving birth and breast-feeding
who want smooth and beautiful skin
who are suffer from droopy skin after weight reduction
who don't like lotion's sticky feeling
who want the latest and the best cosmetic product.

A.C.Story make Pueraria reality breast cream with a high quality pueraria extract, pomegranate extract, soluvone in rate-optimal.

We sales our confidence and trust.

A.C.Story only use a high quality pueraria
: we always make and sale natural cosmetics. with that confidence, we make the cream with the best quality pueraria and we promise our acting will up to that belief.

A.C.Story sale at a 100% reasonable price.
: on characteristic, thigh, hip and breast area needs special care. so we offer at a reasonable price care cream.

100% money back guarantee
: this cream is for a toned body. however, there is personal difference of an effectiveness and someone cannot get satisfaction. so we guarantee 100% money back as a symbol of we do our best for customer's satisfaction

Delivering Security
: we declare the name of product as 'essence cream'

are you still dissatisfied?

one is not qualified. two still isn't.

3 high quality material and high technic make a pueraria reality breast cream.

how to use
1. rub all over of breast without teat area, twice a day.(morning and before bed)
(keep breast warm with steamed towel or taking hot shower. it helps vivo absorption)
2. more or less than fingertip quantity is enough at once
(there is personal difference, so pack all around breast quantity is good.)
3. use both hands and massage like lifting up your breast for 5 minutes until the all the cream absorb.
4. use the cream steadily twice a day.

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