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Repairing Hair Essence 500ml

hair essence and hair gel rolled into one, bulk essence

hair essence and hair gel rolled into one.
everyone can use this hair essence without distinction of sex or age
thanks to variety hypo-allergenic natural materials.
it's recommended to the one
who want to use hair essence and setting effect
who want to have silky hair
And even have sensitive scalp can use it on faith.

product feature

hypoallergenic cosmetics
: everyone can use the hair essence without distinction of sex or age
thanks to variety natural ingredients and safety material.

easing itchy feeling
: including squid ink and its high quality foam erase scalp itching and smell.
sensibility skin type can use with relief.

essence + gel
: as a high enrichment essence, it includes natural ceramide and phytoncide oil.
it recover damaged hair and you can get setting effect.

hair growth
: it helps to keep healthy hair and scalp and promote hair growth

high gloss silk therapy
: A.C.Story essence give the softness feeling and silky gloss
especially it cover hair cuticle and your hair will be glow.

glossy healthy styling manner
: when the hair cuticle is damaged, your hair loss elasticity and gloss.
especially cold and dry wind at winter season, electric heating and ultraviolet rays are main reason of hair aging

do scalp massage and brushing before shampoo
: steady brush stimulate scalp and sebaceous glands. it also makes glossy hair and scalp's blood circulation. A.C.Storyd recommends using brush rounded at the end and wide.

keep your scalp clean with massage when doing shampoo
: keep scalp clean is the basic step to prevent hair aging.
if you stop doing shampoo because of hair loss, it will be worse. so do shampoo once or twice of a week at night.

supply nutritions to hair after shampoo
: wet hair after shampoo is very weak so brush hair when its dry.
in perm hair case, wrong way to brush cut of cuticle so brush hair with fingers

hair essence use
: drain and pat dry after shampoo, put this essence to your hair and make in style what you want.

main ingredients : squid ink, henna, rosemary, natural ceramide, phytoncide, highmolcule conditioning ect

squid ink : easing itchy, relax skin trouble

rosemary : astringent of skin

vegetable LPP : supply nutrition to scalp, healthy scalp

high conditioning : protective film, hair healthy

silk LPP : protective film, supply nutrition to scalp

henna : treatment, healthy scalp


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