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Repairing Hair Hair shampoo 500ml

Do you have itchy scalp even shampoo everyday?
natural shampoo with squid ink, henna, rosemary
making a protective film on scalp and hair
managing a damaged scalp and hair, down dandruff and itchy
rich and fine foam remove wastes on scalp
use it relax who have sensitive scalp

easing itchy feeling
: squid ink and variety natural materials remove scalp wastes and ease the itchy feeling

easing and protecting dandruff
: mild cleansing materials keep scalp clean and ease and protect dandruff

scalp and hair caring
: vegetable LPP and high conditioning materials care damaged hair

removing and cleansing scalp wastes
: a variety of natural materials clean scalp and ease the stress

easing a itchy feeling, healthy hair, natural shampoo

squid ink A.C.Story shampoo!

hypo-allergenic mild ingredients
: everyone can use the shampoo without distinction of sex or age
thanks to variety natural ingredients and safety material.

easing a itchy feeling
: including squid ink and its high quality foam erase scalp itching and smell.
sensibility skin type can use with relief.

removing scalp waste
: body safety materials make high quality foam and clean the waste.
it helps to prevent scalp troubles.

main ingredients : squid ink, henna, rosemary, silk PPT, vegetable-LPP, DL-pantenol, high conditioning.

Recommend to you
who feel itchy even do shampoo
who worried head smell and have sensitive scalp(children, progrant women can use)
who have scalp skin troubles as dandruff or hair loss.

How to use
: wet your hair, massage softly with shampoo and wash up clearly.

dandruff scalp
oily scalp
normal scalp

squid ink : easing itchy, relax skin trouble

rosemary : astringent of skin

vegetable LPP : supply nutrition to scalp, healthy scalp

high conditioning : protective film, hair healthy

silk LPP : protective film, supply nutrition to scalp

henna : treatment, healthy scalp


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